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We use frames to convey liberal positions

Frames are perspectives that allow only one ethical response. For instance...

"Defense of Marriage"

"Love is Love"

  • Implies a threat to marriage
  • Uses adversarial/divisive language
  • Only ethical response = protect marriage

  • Is an undeniable truism
  • Centers equality and rights
  • Only ethical response = let people love whomever!


Conservatives have been better at getting their frames out there.

But we have a plan.

Find/create message

Using cognitive science techniques, we spot or create the best frames for liberal perspectives.

Amplify on social media

We send you a selection of posts that use those frames through our app, and you spread them to your circles.

Change the conversation

This makes liberal frames as prominent as conservative ones, allowing us to fight back against regressive views.

Here's how it works

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